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Panasonic Singapore - LUMIX
Personalize LUMIX Microsite

As a promoting tool for the Panasonic LUMIX, FXMedia Internet Pte Ltd created this microsite. It also serves as an ecommerce platform for customers to purchase a desired skin for their camera.


E-commerce System

The e-commerce system in this microsite is one of FXMedia's works and has a great potential to grow as there is a growing trend in online purchases, especially among the youth.

Vibrant Colours

Personalization appeals well to youth nowadays. As most online shoppers are youth, FXMedia designed the microsite with exciting and vibrant colours to attract these customers.






The microsite is user-friendly and thus customers will enjoy the experience when navigating through the site. Even though the site targets youths, it is easy to use for

Improve Sales

Apart from traditional selling methods, online sales are also effective for companies. As Panasonic embarks on this method, sales for them will also improve as the exciting graphics and personalization gives customers more choices.