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Ministry of Environment and Water Resources
Web Portal

It is important to inform the public of the current environmental issues that our country is facing. The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) aims to use this website to communicate with the public in an interesting and engaging manner.

FXMedia Internet Pte Ltd ensures that all the content displayed on the website uses a unique information architecture. The need to synchronize various areas of content is important to create a dynamic and wellorganized presentation style.


Content Management System (CMS)

It was a challenging task to customize our CMS while supporting the out-of-the-box design of the website. FXMedia has successfully retains its user-friendliness.

Efficient Website Management

It is important for a website to be kept up to date with the industry’s current needs. Thus efficient website management is offered after the development of the website.

Incorporation of social media

After members of public find useful information on the website, MEWR offers a ‘badge’ for them to share with their friends through Facebook and Twitter. This feature is the first for FXMedia to develop for a client. As the trend of social networking increases, there is a higher demand for incorporation of social media in corporate websites.


Regular Content Update

The use of CMS will ease MEWR when updating content onto the website. Content updating can now occur more regularly and more efficiently.

Wider Reach

As MEWR adopts the social media approach, there will be more visitors to the website and thus getting more people aware of the issues that Singapore is facing.

Effective Awareness

On top of incorporating with social media, the graphics and interesting taglines in the website will attract people of all ages. The level of awareness of the issues will be higher due to the exciting content.