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Samsung SMART TV - Yummy Science Game

As a video production company, Oak3 wanted to create a different media project and thus leveraged on the SMART TV technology. FXMedia worked closely with Oak3 to develop this game, which is intended for children. With exciting graphics and sounds, children will be more interested to learn. In this game, children will be able to learn about the science behind some delicious food and even learn how to make them!


Anecdote Videos

This application includes several cartoons for the viewers to find out more about how a certain discovery came about. It is shown in an interesting manner and will help the viewers to

Fun Facts

During videos or games, fun facts will appear at the side of the screen to further educate the

Interactive Games

Included in this application are some games that will test the users' understanding of the videos and fun facts given earlier.



Spread of Knowledge

Users of the game, both children and adults, will be able to learn a few things; such as how


Unique Method of Learning

This SMART TV Application is an alternative method of learning that will attract more users and also increase the retention rate of new knowledge.