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FXMedia Internet Pte Ltd developed SHARP's website with the use of the Content Management System. With this system, content can be easily updated onto the site. In its latest revamp, the e-warranty function was introduced where users can sign up and register their products conveniently.


Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS used for SHARP is unique to the company's design. The backend of the website to ensure that content can be easily updated so that the users of the website will be kept in the

Efficient Website Management

It is important for a website to be kept up to date with the industry's current needs. Thus efficient website management is offered with the development of the website to ensure that

E-Warranty Function

The complex made easy, this new function will be available for SHARP's customers to conveniently register their products for warranty. This saves a lot of time and hassle for the customers and the company can keep track of their customers in a more structured manner.



Convenient Website Update

CMS allows SHARP to now easily update their website in a few simple steps. Other than convenience, SHARP is ensured consistency across their website for their content.

Satisfied Customers

With the presence of the new e-warranty function, more customers will be satisfied with SHARP due to no more hassle to manually send a warranty card. This positive feedback from customers will increase the number of sales and customers in the future.