Build and live in a freedom of actions in digital era

We started our journey in 1994 to fuse art and technology, transforming new ideas into engaging interactive digital media for audience to learn from the experience. Art manifests limitless ideas that lead us a way to form a bridge, connecting the need (real world) into digitalization.

To be a greater companion, our team has also grown steadily over the years. The dedicated team of designers formed in FXMedia Internet Pte Ltd in 2008 and provides many international clients, such as corporate enterprises, government agencies, and startups. Thus, we would like to thank our customers who have given us their continued support, confidence and trust.

Now the Metaverse is heading toward us, the way to live using enhanced technology in daily. It is a challenging for constantly reinventing ourselves to deliver excellence in our work and guide customers to gain more competitive edge. Our creative engineers and designers live in the cores of 3 main areas – Immersive Technology (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality), Metaverse/Blockchain Development, and Web/Mobile Development. We are here to accompany you into the Metaverse.

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Our Story


FXMedia founded


Started as an Apple Developer company


Officially become FXMedia Singapore Pte Ltd


FXMedia served as an E-commerce service provider and website application development for multi-devices.


Successfully conducted Regional BMW Car Launch Multimedia Show


We turned into FXMedia Internet Pte Ltd, which also develops Online Marketing solutions.


Launch multilingual CMS for regional country


World Expo Shanghai, Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum


Provide solutions development of Metaverse / VR / AR / MR, IoT, Mobile Web applications and Artificial Intelligences.