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Digital Twin for A Better Industry in 4.0 Era

Digital Twin has been the hottest topic between industry fields for the 4.0 era. Many professionals who work in the same field admit that Digital Twin will give many benefits in the industrial field in the future. So, what is this Digital Twin and how does it work?

Today's industrial development has entered an era of modern digitalization, which is the industry era 4.0. In this new industry era, industrial machines can already connect to what is called the Internet or the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, lots of machines can connect to software that is accessed in real time to collect data, eliminating the need for traditional data collection. This process is called a digital twin. So what is a digital twin?

Get To Know Digital Twin

A virtual dual or Digital Twin is a digital illustration of a bodily device. It is still stands as a separate entity. In other words, this virtual replica is the 'dual' of the statistics withinside the bodily device, right all the way down to the bodily part.

With the arrival of IoT, Digital Twin can acquire information. Which is about the bodily situation of the system or gadgets constantly the usage of integrated sensors. Everything from the producing technique to even programming for outside settings, may be able to enter into a Digital Twin.

Nowadays, a lot of people put their hope for the Digital Twin in the 4.0 era for the development of the industrial field. It's because Digital Twins simplifies the process of collecting data. It also able to identifying patterns from existing events then finding root causes. And of course, optimizing production processes.

The ability to collect data from and around physical products or systems, and the usefulness of digital twins as a means of testing, opens up new possibilities for case-by-case applications. So, Digital Twin for industry in the future will bring a lot of merits for their data collecting process.

Now, you already know what Digital Twin is. Next, it's better for us to know more about how this system works and why it is so effective for us.

How Does Digital Twin Work?

So basically, the digital twin acts as a bridge between the real world and the digital world.

First, sensors are attached to the machine to collect data, detect damage, and recognize the state of the machine in operation. Then, when all the data is collected, the sensor places all the data in the cloud-based system. The cloud-based system  is already connected to the special software built into the machine. Third, if its already successfully collect the data, then the analyzing process is starting in real time anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, as we can see, with the maturity of this technical concept, we are ready to take a step further to make our work methods more efficient and purposeful. As a result, many industries are competing to digitize machines to facilitate on-site work.

In the future, with this digital twin technology, you can make the machine's work easier by installing sensors on your machine. Then it will collect all the data on your machine, eliminating the need for manual checks. Next, you can see if the machine is still working properly. It also calculates the damage that may occur in the future. It's much easier than manual checking, isn't it?

Now, you already know some information about how the Digital Twin works. Next, you will get some information about the benefits that Digital Twin offers in the industrial field.

Benefits of Digital Twin

There are a lot of benefits that digital twins can offer us. So, here are some of those benefits that worked much in the industrial field for the 4.0 era.

Help Us To Take A Decision

The ability of this technology to collect data means that you don't have to waste time going to the field. The real-time data collected helps facilitate rapid analysis and decision making.

In other words, when we usually need to analyze the data by manual system to make a decision, now Digital Twin can help us. Because it has real-time data updating.

A Good Strategy To Rise The Company's Profit

As we know, the use of this technology can impact the productivity of a company's performance, which can have a positive effect on improving the quality of teamwork. Of course, with the application of this technology, this will have a significant impact on the company's performance. And obviously, it includes your company's profits.

Good for Time Efficiency

The application of Digital Twin in industry has many advantages, one of which is time efficiency. The speed of data collection with this technology allows you to get information quickly and quickly. This can be the best benefit that Digital Twin offers to us.

In conclusion, Digital Twin can give promises to improve business performance and reduce costs. This technology not only enhances the creativity, innovation and productivity of engineers as a team. It also affects how you market, sell, and operate and manage your customer base.

The Digital Twin technology in general greatly improves the efficiency of your business, brings you closer to your customers and provides you with more savings and a strong competitive position.

Industry That Already Use Digital Twin

Looking at its benefit, of course there are industries that already use this technology. Here are some industries that use Digital Twin for their industrial works.

The City Arrangement Industry

If this technology can be applied to the energy or hospitality sector, you can use this solution to organize your city. This technology is always applicable, for example, to collect data on urban energy consumption and regulate traffic.

The Health Industry

Philips created a sophisticated application called HeartModel. This helps to display a 3D model of the heart in the shape of a heart that fits the human heart. Philips' goal in creating this "virtual patient" is to enable this application to contribute to the more optimal healing process supported by this technology in the future.

The Retail Industry

The industry is still relatively new to applying this technology. But that doesn't mean they can't. Analyst firm Pygmalios is calling this part of Retail 4.0 that can use this technology to collect data about retail store customer behavior.

Since we already know the Digital Twin applications in some industries, it shows us that Digital Twin can have a great future for the industry field.


Companies that have started using Digital Twin are very diverse, as are innovations from business owners. As AI, image recognition, and other technologies advance, digital twins will adapt and introduce exciting new applications for industrial production. So, in the future, there may be more companies in different industry fields that use this technology.

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