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Everything You Need To Know About Metaverse!

In recent years, the Metaverse has become a hot topic. Microsoft is experimenting with creating a corporate metaverse, but Facebook recently created a Metaverse group in the Reality Labs division.

When it secured a $ 1 billion investment in April 2021, Epic Games announced that it would use that money to realize its vision of creating the Metaverse. In other words, we are reaching the Metaverse in the future as one of the important aspects in our life.

As we already understand, the term Metaverse is not new. This Metaverse idea was useful and probably stayed with us for a while. The concept of the Metaverse is worth understanding, especially if it is critical of the future. So, when the concept of Microsoft and Metaverse start to burge in our life, some of us are already aware of what Metaverse is gonna be like.

But, to understand Mark Zuckebergs' new innovation, let's talk deeper about the Metaverse!

What is Metaverse?

One fact, the term Metaverse was first used in Snow Crash, a novel in the cyberpunk genre  published in 1992. In the novel, they describe Metaverse as a virtual world that humans can access through VR devices. Or, Virtual Reality in Metaverse is the main component that they mention in the book.

However, Snow Crash does not present the Metaverse as the perfect utopia to make everyone who enters the Metaverse happy. No, it's not holding the same concept as what current Metaverse Zuckerberg wants to make.

In fact, Snow Crash' Metaverse, poses unique problems, ranging from tech addiction, discrimination, violence and harassment. Some of these issues are carried over to the real world.

So, how does Metaverse that Microsoft tries to build works?

How Does Metaverse Work?

In short, the Metaverse that our future has is an endless world of interconnected virtual communities. For example, it can be a place where people can work, meet and play with virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps and other devices.

Taking notes from the brief description of Facebook's Metaverse, it is possible to be a set of virtual spaces that a person can create. They are also able to explore with other Internet users who are not in the same physical space as that person.

Meanwhile, for technology development, Newzoo (a development group that works for Metaverse) divides the Metaverse system into several categories. One is the Metaverse Gateway. This is the door for consumers to enter the Metaverse. Newzoo then divides this segment into two groups: centralized or and distributed. However, there are some aspects in real life that Metaverse try to build in their universe, here's the information.

Economy Field

As for the economy field, Metaverse also explores their technology and tries to develop a new way to do economic activities. Companies in this category are responsible for all payments (such as PayPal and WeChat Pay). Meanwhile, for the buy and sell field, Metaverse is going to join with OpenSea, Elixir, and Dmarket.

Social Field

Next, social activities are also one of the most important aspects in our life that Metaverse tries to recreate. So, no wonder some social media companies such as Facebook, LINE, Discord and TikTok are part of the Metaverse system.

To make this kind of virtual reality world, Metaverse still needs a lot of aspects to complete their system. Such as cloud and hosting segments, visualization and digital twins, decentralized infrastructure, artificial intelligence to ad tech and marketing.

But, looking at its potential, will Metaverse be a safe place for everyone?

Metaverse in The Future

One thing that everyone still questions until now is 'is Metaverse safe for everyone?'. Well, since the system itself is not released yet, maybe we can know the possibilities of this system from things that we can do in it.

For example, as Facebook explains to us, you are able to use the Metaverse to go to virtual concerts, travel online, create or view art, and try on and buy digital clothing. Therefore, the Metaverse is extensible so that users can teleport from one company or another to different worlds. Similarly, Metaverse allows Internet users to switch from one website to another.

In conclusion, The Metaverse will facilitate the emergence of new business models. The game metaverse can promote in-game non-game activities, which game companies can monetize. For example, by selling tickets for digital concerts and other non-gaming activities.

Today, more and more companies are beginning to develop play-to-ear model games that allow in-game rewards to be exchanged for real money. The presence of the game's metaverse also opens up opportunities for native advertising. So, it can avoid the casual advertising system that is more complex.

Who Can Use Metaverse

Move to the last topic, so who can use Metaverse in the future?

As far as we can know, several major tech companies like Microsoft and chip maker Nvidia are discussing the Metaverse. So Metaverse is more than just a Facebook project.

For example, Roblox gaming platform also takes their place in Metaverse. Their platform outlined Metaverse's vision as a place where people can get together in a 3D experience and work, play, socialize, learn and create. Moreover, the video game company behind the popular Fortnite video game and Epic Games also intervened and raised $ 1 billion from investors to support long-term plans to build the Metaverse.

From the information above, we can know that Metaverse is not a single product that only one company can build. Instead, the Metaverse is like the internet and is still here regardless of whether it was removed from Facebook.

Problems That Metaverse Possible to Have

Of course, every new innovation will always have some problems to make them a better system. The same will happen to Metaverse in the future.

For example, like Facebook, advertising can be a source of revenue for the Metaverse. But this is worrisome to some experts. If Metaverse makes advertising its primary source of revenue, there can be gaps between users.

For the user's experience, it may have some problems too. The user experiences vary; it depends on whether the user can afford to pay. This is the same as paytowin's business model in the gaming industry. Games that use Paytowin's business model ruin the rich, but make it difficult for players to play for free or spend little money. And that thing is possible to bring a lot of problems.

In other words, everyone can use the Metaverse but not everyone will be able to obtain it.


In the future, the Metaverse can be considered as the first step in providing an opportunity to make the digital world more inclusive and inclusive. Still, it's always possible that technology won't grow as big as expected. So, we can build our expectations and hope on Metaverse, but we should prepare for the worst case if the system can't fulfill our expectations in the future.

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