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Hands holding console game
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As of today, multiplayer has become the norm when people play a game. But, it has not always been this way. In fact, back then what we know as a game involved only a single player only.

However, the first multiplayer games were developed in 1973. The franchise lasted decades under the title Empire. For the first time, the world knows what we call multiplayer now. Afterwards, they can never go back.

Multiplayer refers to any game that enables more than one person to participate. An online multiplayer game is most often played via the Internet. However, a multiplayer game may also be played through a dial-up connection or a LAN (local area network) as well. Split-screen multiplayer gaming on consoles is popular, although it is often limited to two to four people at a time in most cases.

Users are often connected together by a community server, which keeps track of all accessible online games and allows players to join an existing game or start a new game for other players to join in on the fun. Despite the fact that the primary gaming servers are managed by the producers, many games enable players to construct and operate their own private game servers.

Due to the fact that each game and its structure is unique, the number of participants who may participate varies as well. Most games can accommodate between 2 and 50 people at the same time, whereas MMO (massively multiplayer online) games may support thousands of players at the same time.

Multiplayer systems can also be used in enhancing gamification of other disciplines. The most popular example is of course the use of multiplayer concepts in Duolingo to teach foreign languages. The platform gathers around all the players in a certain level to play the leaderboard. This multiplayer system creates a fun competition. Therefore, the user would feel they achieve something as they move on to another stage.

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