image of Illustration of SCORM
Illustration of SCORM
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SCORM Compliance

The original version of SCORM was established and released in 2000 by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, a Department of Defense-sponsored research organization. SCORMĀ® is a set of interconnected technical standards and recommendations developed to fulfill the DoD's high-level criteria for generating interoperability, plug-n-play, web e-learning material.

The ADL Initiative created SCORM to solve a problem: enterprises were always having to rebuild and reprogram eLearning material when new features and technologies were introduced and IT architecture changed. They developed SCORM as the standard for integrating eLearning material to LMSs without having to regularly rewrite back-end code.

Professional education is indeed a $64.4 billion dollar industry that is growing every year. It's simple for additional investments to add complexity to your LMS, level of knowledge, and local storage, whether you're developing more material or installing a tool for planning courses. That's why SCORM conformance is important.

You may access important advantages that can improve corporate eLearning technology and boost efficiency for your L&D team by adhering to the technological standards. These four advantages of compliance are listed in the ADL reference for SCORM 1.2:

  1. Availability
  2. SCORM is a framework for planning and creating eLearning material using a range of content creation tools, all of which can be accessed from a single system.

  3. Interoperability
  4. Integration is referred to as interoperability. This eliminates the need for extra code to move data across systems and writing tools from various suppliers.

  5. Longevity
  6. You may update systems, procedures, and technologies without worrying about restructuring or rebuilding your eLearning material if you use SCORM-compliant learning content.

  7. Reusability
  8. Using SCORM, you can generate training content once and reuse it throughout your business in a wide range of applications, platforms, and eLearning scenarios.

You won't be worried about the built security issues that afflict outdated systems if you use SCORM-compliant systems and content. Thus, if you decide to move platforms as your L&D requirements change, SCORM compliance assures that you may securely transfer training content to new LMSs without having to spend hours duplicating content.

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