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Why VAS?

To measure the progress of the campaign using video analytics, get a glance at the effectiveness of the campaign and decide on future course of action, and provide information for executive decision.

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Use Cases

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A large public transport company who also owns many digital display signages all over the island sells advertisement spaces and charge them according to traffic volume of the location and the peak hours. They have done this for a long time and would like to find out the effectiveness of their signage and if there is anything else they can do to improve their service to their customers.

Viewer's Analytics Insight:

The findings provided a different perspective which differs from their understanding. The trending data captured for peak hours with the most "eyeballs" was not the same as the peak hour for human traffic flow. This finding triggers them to rethink a new pricing strategy for their ad spaces.


Used the trends of viewer volume to derive a new pricing model.

Used the demographic collected to target new clients to advertise with them.

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Singapore Discovery Centers runs a series of exhibitions around the island of Singapore throughout the year. With a mission to educate the public(especially our youth) on Singapore's national defense and Singapore Arm Forces related themes.

Viewer's Analytics Insight:

Installed at their exhibition area entrance and some key exhibits to analysis their visitors. Profiling the visitor's age group and gender. It also measures the interest level of a particular exhibit.


Automated KPI measurement for their exhibition success.

Learn from data collected to improve their content for future exhibitions.

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A large, high fashion mall along Orchard road was looking for a digital signage solution that is easy to maintain to help them sell their fashion brands, to supplement and potentially replace all static ads.

Viewer's Analytics Insight:

Provides an intelligent signage that not just displaying generic ads but also dynamically changing them depending on who is viewing. By knowing the profile of viewers’, the signage can instantaneously change to display content to suit its viewers. It also collects real-time feedback of the viewer, allowing the marketing team to know which ads need improvement.


Ability to measure the effectiveness of their Ads/Campaign.

Differentiate themselves from other malls.

Knows when to tweak and improve campaign along the way before it's too late.

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A retail and shopping market marketing specialist with customers spanning across Asia. They provide solutions and also marketing analytics to their customers in order to help increase their client's sales and revenue. They needed a way to measure how successful their campaigns are by "reading” their customers mind.

Viewer's Analytics Insight:

Provides information on whether the ads and demonstration sales personals are effective. By seeing how effective they are at attracting the crowds and how interested the customers are, by how long they dwell and if customers look happy or surprised.


Measures the effectiveness of their Ads/Campaign.

Provides a more complete solution for their customers by filling in the gap of having timely feedback on their traditional media marketing efforts.


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